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Stress Portrait Of A Killer Assignment

Stress: Portrait of a Killer ! Due Date: midnight, December 10, 2014. This documentary can be streamed on Ne±lix. If you do not have a Ne±lix account, it can be accessed for free at h²p://topdocumentaryFlms.com/stress-portrait-of-a-killer/ In response to viewing the Flm, write your answers to the following. You may Fnd it beneFcial to read the ques³ons carefully before watching , and make notes as you watch. I’ve broken the ques³ons into major sec³ons that follow the ³meline of the Flm. It will likely be helpful to watch the Flm in segments, pause, re´ect and answer. Your responses will be judged on the QUALITY of your answers rather than just quan³ty. Be clear and concise. You are not limited to a speciFc number of words. Some ques³ons will be answered directly from the video, but some will require you to give your personal re´ec³ons and opinions. You will not submit your assignment on paper. Rather, there will be an online response survey posted on ANGEL in the next few days. ! Introduc±on 1. List any three speciFc eµects that stress can have on the body and brain. a Kill brain cells. Shrinking brains adding fat to bellies. Unraveling chromosomes. Increase blood pressure. 2. What two hormones are central to the stress response? (or, the “backbones of the stress response” as Sapolsky calls them) a Adrenaline. Glucocor³coids. 3. Brie´y describe what happens while the stress response is on. a Cri³cal to survival. Lungs work over³me. Heart races. Muscles respond instantly. Turn oµ growth/reproduc³on/³ssue repair. ! The Whitehall Study 4. What is the rela³onship between social status (hierarchy) and stress levels (i.e., what happens to baboons physiologically who are at the bo²om of the hierarchy)? a Higher status on the social hierarchy have lower stress levels than the lower status. The lower status receive more of the bu² end of treatment and therefore are constantly stressed to the observa³on or even enjoyment of the higher status. The hierarchy status is determined from the species’ own poli³cal complicated view.


F.: There is no separating the mind from the belief therein that assigned and / or assumed personalities and false identifications are real; there is no separating personality assignment and / or assumption from the subconscious drive of each persona to avoid what it fears and to attain what it desires . . . at all costs; 

There is no separating the belief that one really is her / his false identities and that those ego-states must be protected and defended and sustained at all costs; there is no separating false identities (and the mind in which the belief in them is housed) from the constant false-identity-inspired thinking that so often revolves around the fear and desire agendas of personalities; 

therefore, there is no separating false identities and stress because false identities are forever thinking that they are vulnerable, under attack, being challenged, being threatened, having their agendas interfered with, and being disturbed or hurt or hindered or obstructed or impeded or hampered. 

Because personality does not show up in a singular mode but always eventually manifests in clusters, the result is that all non-Realized persons live under the influence of the Multiple Personality Disorder (which, in turn, contributes to the numerous other personality disorders which humans all suffer, disorders that can develop into neuroses or full-blown psychoses). 

Non-duality has long invited seekers to find what they are not in order to find freedom and peace. Supposedly, two thousand years ago, a man named “Yeshu’a (today called “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus the Christ”) came to understand a portion of the non-dual teachings. 

There is some evidence that he traveled with an uncle who operated a caravan between the Middle East and the Far East and that the uncle took his nephew along on at least one trip. That might explain how Yeshu’a was exposed to the non-dual teachings, some of which he purportedly shared during the last years of his manifestation, including the non-duality pointer that “a dual-minded person is unstable in all ways.” 

However, Maharaj moved beyond focusing solely on duality and the dualistic mind which generates duality-based thinking and which generates duality-based talking and which generates duality-based, insane acts. 

In his later talks, Maharaj defined the ultimate objective as being this: coming to a point where one can abide as naturally as everything else on the planet does except for humans. That does not just require being free of dual-mindedness. It requires being free of living under the influence of any of the bogus content of the mind, period. 

Nothing else on the planet has a mind except humans, so humans alone face the challenge of understanding what the “Original Nature” was like in order to use that as a model for the way that the abidance should unfold now in the relative. (For the full explanation, see “Your Original Nature” below.) 

What was eventually understood here - after “The Vision” came and after all of its implications were finally understood - was this: 

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