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Du Singer Hospital Products Corp Case Study

D.U. Singer Hospital Products Corp. Essay

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D.U. Singer Hospital Products Corp. has done sufficient new product development at the research and development level to estimate a high likelihood of technical success for a product of assured commercial success: A long-term antiseptic. Management has instructed Singer’s Antiseptic Division to make a market entry at the earliest possible time: they have requested a complete plan up to the startup of production. Marketing and other plans following startup of production are to be prepared separately after this plan has been completed.
Project responsibility is assigned to the division’s Research and Development Group: Mike Richards, the project scientist who developed the product, is assigned responsibiliy for project management.…show more content…

Of course, I won’t say that this estimate of three weeks is as certain as our other time estimates. All we need is a change of staff at the Agency and we are in trouble. But once we have both the specifications and the approval, you can immediately start on developing the production processing system (g).” “Yes and how I wish we could get a led on that, but the designers say that there is too much uncertainty and they won’t move until they have both specifications and regulatory documentation and approval. They are offering pretty fast response; six weeks from start to finish for the processing system.” “They are a good crew, Mike. And of course, you know that you don’t have to delay on starting the packaging system segment of this project. You can start developing the packaging concept (e) just as soon as the product rationale has been developed. If my experience is any judge, it will take a full eight weeks; you’ll have to work to keep the process from running forever.” “But as soon as that is finished we can start on the design of the package and its materials (f) which usually takes about six weeks. Once that is done we can start

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D. U. SINGER HOSPITAL PRODUCTS CORP. 2 1. Statement of Objectives  Come up with a project plan to develop a long term antiseptic and determine an end date for this process.  Make a market entry at the earliest.  Develop a packaging design and get the appropriate regulatory documentation done.  Meet the FDA, EPA and OSHA regulations.  Comply with the internal terms by manufacturing and carry out manufacturing according to the corporate policies. Work Breakdown Structure Activity-on-node Network Specify Requirements Product RaTonale Product speciFcaTons Develop Develop ±ormula Develop packaging concept Develop processing system Develop packaging system RegulaTng documents Design Design packaging Procure Study facility requirements Procure Process equipment Procure Packaging equipment Capital equipment list Procure ±aciliTes Install Install Process equipment Install Packaging equipment Install manufacturing ±aciliTes Wri²en procedures ³est Pilot³esing

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