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5 Paragraph Essay On The Most Dangerous Game

"The Most Dangerous Game" opens with a conversation between two men, Whitney and Rainsford. The pair are on a yacht headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the time of the story, they find themselves somewhere in the Caribbean. Both men are aficionados of big-game hunting. They discuss the ability of an animal to understand a hunt. Rainsford believes that animals are incapable of feeling or understanding any human emotion.

Shortly after their discussion, Whitney retires for the evening. Rainsford decides to stay on deck to smoke his pipe. He suddenly hears the sound of gunshots and in his attempt to see the source of the sound, he falls into the water. After a brief moment of panic, Rainsford rallies and decides to swim toward the source of the gunshots. When he finally makes it ashore, he falls asleep.

The next morning he decides to investigate his surroundings. He finds a pool of blood and surmises that it is from the prey that was shot the night before. Near the blood he sees the footprints of hunting boots. He elects to follow them. After a long hike Rainsford arrives at a palatial estate. He is greeted at the door by a large man wielding a gun. A second man enters and explains that his assistant, Ivan, is deaf and dumb. The man is dressed elegantly and has an air of sophistication about him. He introduces himself as General Zaroff.

Zaroff is familiar with Rainsford's book on hunting snow leopards. After getting settled, Rainsford and Zaroff dine together and discuss the merits of hunting. It is during this conversation that Rainsford learns that Zaroff hunts men on the island. As a result of becoming bored with the available game in the world, Zaroff has turned to hunting those that can reason and present a greater challenge. Rainsford is horrified by Zaroff's revelation. Zaroff invites Rainsford to hunt with him but Rainsford declines citing exhaustion.

That night Rainsford is unable to sleep. The next day he learns that he is either to serve as Zaroff's newest prey or fall into the burly, violent hands of Ivan. He elects the former and immediately sets off into the jungle. After a few hours of zigzagging through the dense jungle, he climbs a tree to hide from his adversary. Incredibly, despite the elusive trail, Zaroff is able to easily find Rainsford. However, in order to prolong the fun of the game, Zaroff leaves Rainsford without harming him.

Rainsford panics and is subject to a few other encounters with Zaroff. Each time he gets closer and closer to defeating his foe through the use of primitive traps. Unfortunately, he is unable to trap his pursuer. He does manage to kill one of Zaroff's prized dogs and Ivan. In the final chase, Rainsford dives off the edge of the cliff into the ocean. Zaroff is disappointed to have lost his worthy adversary and returns to his house crestfallen.

After a hearty meal and much reminiscing of the day's events, Zaroff decides to retire for the evening. Upon entering his bedroom, he is confronted by Rainsford, who has been hiding behind the bed curtains. Zaroff is delighted that he has been defeated. However, Rainsford is not willing to let the game end there. He challenges Zaroff to one final duel. Zaroff accepts and says that whoever loses shall be fed to the dogs, and the winner would sleep in Zaroff's bed. The story ends with an indirect ending-- Rainsford cites that he had never slept in a better bed.

"The Most Dangerous Game" Essay

When people hunt the usually hunt animals that they feel superior to, that they have better skill to hunt than the animal does to survive. But what if u where hunting an animal that could out think you and ultimately beat you in your own game? Well this is the case in Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game"?. Irony is used all throughout the story to add plot twists and turns.

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General Zaroff lives on his very own island in the Caribbean. He is very distinguished by a "cultivated voice", fine clothes, the "singularly handsome"? features of an aristocrat, and the obsession of hunting (Wilson 157). 

Zaroff allows himself anything and everything form the fine china he uses at his 2 score men table to the silk pajamas he wears to sleep in. When Rainsford first sets foot on Zaroff's private island he sees the island as his only hope to get back to New York, but he was wrong. Zaroff being a hunter has hunted virtually everywhere and has grown tired of the game he has overcome. He believes that in order to have a great hunt his enemy has to have courage and cunning but most importantly the ability to reason (Wilson 158). There is only one animal that Zaroff knows off that can reason and it the very reason he has his own island. Ivan is Zaroffs trusted servant and lives on the island with his master. Ivan being mute and dumb is ironic in the fact that Zaroff is still living in the old times where those born into power are the only one who gain it and those born in to service are to serve. Ivan being a goliath who seems to love to torture and murder helpless victims serves it purpose on this island, those who wish to play the most dangerous game will play the game but those who do not will be given to Ivan for his entertainment pleasure. Rainsford is a world-renowned hunter and has published a few books on hunting. One night while talk to a friend he falls off of the boat he is on. He makes it to an island in the middle or the Caribbean and finds an old feudal-looking house. Inside the house is the General Zaroff. Now Zaroff being the hunter that he is asks Rainsford to join him is his "game"?. 

Rainsford refuses, but later changes his mind after meeting Ivan. In the end Rainsford is the winner of the game but by winning the game he has become just like that dead general. Rainsford refused the hunting offer from Zaroff because they where hunting helpless humans who happen to make it to the island and Rainsford was not going to hunt a human being but when Rainsford killed the general, he killed him after the game was over, and Rainsford became what he had set out not to be, general Zaroff. In the end one will see that ironic reversal was used all throughout the story with the characters as well as the plot. To be successful, the hunter must become the hunted (Magill 1537). In the final battle between Rainsford and Zaroff it is easy to see the irony in Rainsford conquering murderer by killing him (Magill 1537). 


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