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Cover Letter Customer Service Representative Call Center

Call Center Agent Cover Letter

Call Center Agents provide assistance to customers using email, telephone, and chat applications. Their functions include ensuring customer service, providing technical support, and selling products and services. Examples of Call Center Agent duties include: taking phone calls, identifying customer issues, diagnosing technical problems, providing solutions, answering to inquiries, maintaining call records, taking orders, calling customers back if they can’t solve the issue on the spot, and making sure customers are satisfied with their intervention.

A well-written example cover letter for Call Center Agent should focus on the following job abilities:

  • Technical skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Patience and diplomacy
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Computer proficiency
  • Professionalism and telephone etiquette
  • Multitasking
  • Teamwork

Comparable Call Center Agent skills are visible in the sample cover letter provided beneath.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Call Center Agent Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Green:

With this letter and the attached resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in the Call Center Agent position you have available. As a skilled communicator and problem-solver with 12+ years of experience ensuring outstanding customer service within high-volume call centers, I possess a wide range of knowledge and expertise that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your company.

My background includes successfully enhancing customer response strategies, implementing new processes, and managing overall customer service functionality to maximize loyalty, productivity, and growth. Through my experience, I have become adept in overseeing a wide variety of customer-facing responsibilities while demonstrating a steadfast commitment to maximizing customer service and satisfaction.

The following achievements demonstrate my qualification for this position:

  • Excelling in consecutive call center service and support positions since 2004 for The Company Store, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn, respectively; evaluating and recommending products to meet customer needs and expectations, entering customer orders into databases, investigating and resolving issues, and providing requested information to customers in a professional manner.
  • Promoted to assume additional responsibility of processing returns and exchanges for The Company Store within just four months of hire; subsequently chosen to train new hires on return and/or exchange protocols.
  • Four-time recipient of Employee of the Month award with Pottery Barn in recognition of outstanding customer service and support.

My proven dedication to optimizing customer service and sales success—along with my exceptional interpersonal, analytical, and time management talents—will contribute immensely to the success of your company.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Evelyn D. Dailey

When you’re on the hunt for a job, your cover letter allows you to make a great first impression. Just as a poorly written cover letter may eliminate you from contention from the outset, a well-written one has the capacity to move your resume to the top of the pile. Take a look at our call center representative cover letter to get an idea of the do’s and don’ts you should take into account when crafting this critical self-introduction, and follow these key guidelines?

  • Do rely on numbers and metrics wherever possible. If you had, for example, a 95 percent approval rating from the customers you spoke with and serviced, say so.
  • Don’t regurgitate something you found online verbatim. A hiring manager wants to know what you can bring to the table, not what you can find already written online.
  • Do make sure your cover letter is in a format that is pleasing to the eye. Avoid overly long, wordy paragraphs, and break up copy using bullet points wherever possible.
  • Don’t tell your life story in the cover letter. The ideal cover letter length for someone seeking a call center representative position is between one and two pages.

Call Center Representative Advice

Do you have good people skills? Consider a career as a call center representative. You’ll need excellent communication and problem-solving abilities, and a great cover letter. Our call center representative cover letter examples are designed to help you build a solid cover letter of your own. Just choose one of our templates below, and modify it to fit your needs. With these cover letter examples, you’ll be well on your way to a better cover letter, more interviews, and a better chance of winning the job! Get started today.

Cover Letter Tips for Call Center Representative

If you are looking for jobs as a Call Center Representative, it is important to work hard and take advantage of job seeking tools. The following tips can help you in your efforts.

1. Network. This is one of the best ways to find a job. Make sure to tell people you know that you are looking for work. Also, take advantage of networking events, social opportunities, and social networks to make connections and discover new job opportunities.

2. Stay positive. Many people are out of a job and looking to transition to a new opportunity. This is particularly common during the recession, and a positive attitude can increase your chances of finding a job.

3. Follow up regularly. When you follow-up, you demonstrate your desire to get a job and you set yourself apart from the competition. You should follow up about potential job opportunities until you receive a definite “no. “

4. Prepare yourself mentally to spend time looking for a job. There are many steps involved with the process, and the right outlook and preparation will aid in your success.

5. Do not give up. Persistence pays off when you are searching for a new job. Work a little harder at networking, attend a few more career fairs, and follow up. This can increase your chances of getting a job.

Call Center Representative Job Seeking Tips

One of the most important parts of searching for jobs as a Call Center Representative is creating an appealing cover letter. This cover letter should detail your accomplishments and skills, and it should also clearly identify why you are a good fit for the job. To help you with your cover letter, follow these suggestions:

1. Create a cover letter that is easy to read and scannable. Bullet points are particularly helpful. Also, avoid justified text blocks that have abnormal spacing.

2. A cover letter can be longer than the standard one-page format; however, it is a good idea limit the cover letter to two-pages. The only excpetion is for people who work in academics or are doctors.

3. Include a section a summary and/or skills section at the top of the cover letter that highlights the key reasons you are a great candidate for the job.

4. Avoid phrases like “responsibilities included. ” This type of language is used on a job description, not a cover letter. The text on your cover letter should be more action-oriented.

5. Use numbers if necessary that can quantify your accomplishments (i. e. how much money you saved the company, sales percentages, rankings).

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