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The MS3 Coursework brings together all elements of the course and builds upon the knowledge, understanding and skills you’ve already gained. It will test your understanding of the different elements of the A-level specification.

It is designed to allow you to:

• Demonstrate research skills
• Demonstrate your knowledge of media concepts and apply them to the analysis of media texts
• Organise relevant information clearly and coherently using media language and terminology as appropriate
• Explore an area of contemporary media in depth
• Use your research to inform a media product
• Build on existing, and develop new technical & creative media skills
• Evaluate the success of your project as a whole
• Choose a subject to research that you really enjoy and have an interest in! 

Here's what the exam specification says: 


This unit develops the knowledge and skills acquired at AS and as such contributes to synoptic assessment. In particular, it is designed to demonstrate the importance of research in informing media production and to develop the skills acquired in MS2.


Candidates are required to produce three pieces of linked work:

•        a research investigation (1400 – 1800 words)
•        a production (informed by the investigation)
•        a brief evaluation (500 – 750 words).

(a) Research Investigation

Candidates are required to undertake an individual investigation into a specific area of study focused on one of the following concepts: genre, narrative or representation. Their research should draw on a range of both primary and secondary sources. It should enable candidates to reach conclusions that will inform their production.

Examples of investigations include:

•    the representation of teenagers in two British films
•    the generic similarities between Dr Who and Stargate
•    the narrative structures of The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

 (b) Production

Candidates are required to submit a production which should develop from and be informed by the candidate's research investigation. This production must be in a different form from the AS production. Audio-visual productions should be up to 4 minutes in length (depending on the nature of the production). Print-based productions (or their digital equivalent) should be a minimum of 3 pages. Digital media (other than audio-visual productions) and print-based productions must be individual. Audio-visual productions can be produced either individually or in groups (maximum 4). Group tasks must offer appropriate opportunities for each candidate to demonstrate an individual contribution.

 (c) Evaluation

The production must be accompanied by an individual evaluation which explores how the production has been informed by the research undertaken into the relevant media concept.

The evaluation can be produced in any appropriate form such as:

•    a discursive essay (with or without illustrations)
•    a digital presentation with slide notes (such as a PowerPoint)
•    a suitably edited blog.

This unit will be internally marked and externally moderated, assessing AO2, AO3 and AO4.

Candidates are required to submit:

•        a research investigation (1400 – 1800 words): 45 marks
•        a production (informed by the investigation): 45 marks
•        a brief evaluation (500 – 750 words): 10 marks

Each of the three pieces of work will be assessed separately and then combined to achieve a total mark for the unit.

The PowerPoint and booklet below tell you (almost!) everything you need to know about this project. The links even further down the page take you to a guide to how to research effectively, and to the MS3 blog, which will be updated regularly throughout your project. Keep checking back!

New WJEC Eduqas A Level Media Studies Resources

We are developing a series of new resources for the new GCSE and A Level Media Studies specs. These are likely to include an overview planner, teaching guide, online slides, student workbook and a glossary. We hope to start publishing them in June.

Legacy Resources

WJEC AS Media Studies Representations and Responses

Welcome to Edusites Media’s comprehensive resources and materials link covering every aspect of MS1, Representations and Audience and MS2, Media Production Processes.

Studying textual analysis, audiences, genre, narrative and representation suggests a broad area of work but focussing on key areas of academic study we have everything covered – this includes in depth schemes of work with embedded links, case studies, specimen papers with exemplar responses and a range of associated resources including Technical and Symbolic Codes Worksheets for Moving Image, Newspapers and Radio to kick start the topic.

Expert advice as always is close at hand and we offer differentiated half or full day revision courses to stimulate your pupils/students into attaining higher grades and maximising and improving on their existing potential. We sincerely hope you find our resources of benefit and if so, let us know!

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Transition Units

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WJEC A2 Media Studies Text, Industry and Audience

Welcome to Edusites Media’s comprehensive resources and materials link covering every aspect of MS4, Text, Industry and Audience and MS3, Media Investigation and Production.

MS4 is a comprehensive test on the pupil/students’ ability to focus on text but within the framework of a specific media form. Focussing on key areas of academic study we have everything covered – this includes in depth schemes of work with embedded links and also links to many, many case studies from a range of media and also archive resources e.g. Technical and Symbolic Codes in Print, Radio and Moving Image Media to kick start or embed the topic.

A2 Scheme

A2 Mock & Sample Exam Responses

A2 Coursework




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Associated Resources

AS Scheme Support

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WJEC Media Studies Starter/Booster/Revision Workshops

Further Reading & Support

The primary source for authoritative information & support is the WJEC Media website.

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